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Are you looking to engage your employees and retain the talent within your business? If so, BI WORLDWIDE can certainly help you find the right solution that is aligned to your business objectives.

Using the principles of behavioural economics, we have the knowledge and experience to create employee engagement solutions that help you retain passionate and dedicated employees.

Our in-house employee engagement solutions

  • Reward & Recognition

    Did you know engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave an organisation? We believe employees should be recognised for their work and rewarded for demonstrating the right set of behaviours that are aligned to your business values. Reward employees with something they’ll remember and you’ll be sure to see a rise in engagement levels.

  • Communication

    Communication is key to keeping employees engaged. Our employee engagement solutions offer many great ways to communicate to the rest of your business. Whether you’re looking to launch an internal campaign, promote training or share employee recognitions, we can help you build the perfect communication strategy.

  • Reporting

    Measuring employee engagement levels is important when implementing a new programme. We can help you monitor internal campaign activity and participation levels to see if it really is influencing behaviours across your business. Reporting can also help identify areas that really need more focus.

Find the right employee engagement solution for you

BI WORLDWIDE's Employee Engagement Forum

Inviting HR professionals from across the UK to the historic Shakespeare's Globe in London, we successfully hosted an Employee Engagement Forum, exploring the definition of employee engagement and various theories.

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Do onboarding programmes relate to employee engagement?

Does onboarding relate to employee engagement, retention and productivity? HR explain how Associates are made to feel part of the business from day one.

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How to measure Employee Engagement

Finding out how to measure Employee Engagement can be a tricky task. At BI WORLDWIDE we can directly link Employee Engagement to measurable business results, and here's how...

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